Sunday, January 10, 2010

How about a Restart?

So... It's only by 9 months since I wrote for this blog. We are re-energized around here. A fine wine to be enjoyed, a nice meal, maybe actually taking time to write what I thought of the wine - now there's a thought!!!

Tonight, we had the Butternut Squash/Coconut Milk soup, garnished with crab meat and chunks of avocado. You can see more about that at the Wine Expressions Facebook Account.

The wine:

Melville 2005, Estate Chardonnay

A pairing accident, this is what we had opened for appetizers with our neighbors (Hi Fred and Fran) last night and a touch left over (I know, left over wine, but that's a discussion for another post).


The Melville is nicely medium-bodied, just smoothly and creamily rolling across the tongue - almost matched the soup with precision. This wine is fruity, almost showing a hint of sweetness, which plays against cream and salty crab perfectly. It makes me think of a nice bit (but not overdone) dose of malo fermentation with just a little vanilla, no butterscotch, and no oak. Nice, Nice, Nice.

We'll be looking for to make this available in the future.

- Brad

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