Friday, February 6, 2009

Beginning Reflections on Wine

Start of this blog.
Lately, I've refocused on white wines - which many of my friends wouldn't even consider to be wine, given it's not red! But, my insides react better to whites, so this is a bit of a push to allow me to seek out a new area and learn to appreciate it more. Speaking of which, the next case purchase in the Mitchell household will be Pinot Gris from King Estates.
Ellen, Ev and I visited King Estates ( ) this past summer, and have, alas, finished all of the whites we brought home with us.
We found this Pinot Gris to have incredible flavor, work well with or without food, and fit into the budget.
If you get a chance to spend time in Oregon, put King Estate on your list of "must-see" spots, and make sure to stay for dinner overlooking the vineyard.
- Brad

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